A small managed woodland within the great manorial East Field


Coppice (Parcel 938), was originally a small managed woodland in the great Medieval East Field of Kingston Manor.

The 1846 Tithe Apportionment noted that Coppice (Parcel 938) was owned and occupied by Henry Goodford Esq. of Chilton Cantello. The Tithe Apportionment shows Coppice was recorded as a wooded plantation and measured 0a 1r 10p.

Plantation was bounded on the north by Mudford Road, on the north and east by Higher Sleight (Parcel 898), on the south Collins' Ground (Parcel936) and on the west by Loydes (Parcel 937).

By the time of the 1946 aerial photograph, seen below, Coppice had been absorbed into Collins' Ground.

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This map, based on the descriptions in the 1589 Terrier and the 1846 Tithe Map of Yeovil shows the approximate boundaries of the Manors of Kingston and Hendford as well as the manorial three-field system used in Kingston.


A map of the great Medieval East Field of Kingston Manor showing conjectured locations of several fields based on descriptions in the 1589 Terrier.


Drawn from the 1846 Tithe Map with field names added from the 1846 Tithe Apportionment, with Coppice (Parcel 938) at top right.


The 1946 aerial survey photograph with parcel numbers of 1846 plotted on.


An aerial view (courtesy of Mr Google) of the area today.


The 1843 Tithe Map overlaid onto a modern map of the area.