Higher Paddock

Higher Paddock

Part of West Farm, in Yeovil Marsh


Higher Paddock (Parcel 1365) was a small field of West Farm in Yeovil Marsh.

The 1846 Tithe Apportionment (at least the copy in the County Heritage Centre, Taunton), omits Higher Paddock completely although the 1842 Tithe Map numbers it as'1365'.

Since it is enclosed within fields of West Farm, it is likely that it was owned by Reverend John Jenkins Mathews and let to James Pope. Mathews owned far more parcels of land than just West Farm, and Pope farmed them all. Higher Paddock was most likely, as its name suggests, used as pasture for grazing livestock but its acreage is unknown.

Higher Paddock (Parcel 1365) was bounded on the south by West Farm farmhouse and garden (Parcel 1364), on the west by Three Acre Mead (Parcel 1366), on the north by Plot (Parcel 1369) and to the east by Long Orchard (Parcel 1370).

By the time of the 1919 sale of the six Marsh farms, Higher Paddock was still part of West Farm, but it had been combined with Three Acre Mead (Parcel 1366) to form a single larger field measuring 4a 1r 4p that was used as pasture.

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