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1532 will of Thomas Griffith



In the name of god amen I Thomas Griffith of yevyll in the Countie of Somer[se]t yoman being of parfite mynde and memorye The xxviith [27th] Day of Novembr In the yere of our Lord god a thousande fyve hundred xxxii [1532] doe make and ordeyn my last wille and testament in maner and fourme folowing  In primis I bequeth my soule to almighty god And my body to be buried in the [Savaye?] church at London Also I wille and doo make by this my last wille my brother Thomas Griffith my sole Executor  Also I wille he have all my goodes catall and apparell that I have belonging Unto my self Also I wille that he have my house and Landes which I bought of Gilys Benet of the same Towne and Countie To him or his assignes after the [custome?] of the maner from [anghelmas?] next comyng after the date hereof And I will that he have the dett that henry Welfare owith unto me Also I wille that my marster Sydenham of Brympton thereof and the Provest of Stoke be my Oversere and put in them the oversight of this my last Wille and testament and the [word illegible] of my wife to be [word illegible] according to their [dyserecious?]In which master Sydenham and [ye?] Provet I putt my speciall trust Also I wille that my [word illegible] for Robert Evans be paide his [word illegible] for his benefice xxiij [23] [word illegible] wherof I had the oversight which money I have returned to master Robert Stradlyng for the same intent

Witnesse of this my Last Wille and testament John Sydenham the youngest Lawrence Pymmes and Antony Wynfford being present at the declaracion of this same



Transcribed by Bob Osborn