yeovil at war


yeovil at war


19th Century and before



Boer War




First World War


  • The Fallen
    The Yeovil men who gave their lives in the Great War,
    each with their own story




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Second World War




Memories of Yeovil during the Second World War




Falklands War







Yeovilians remember...

"I was taking our dog for a walk one evening along West Hendford by Loder’s Car Sales (it was just a stone track and garden allotments then) when the bombs started falling, I ran for home on the corner of Beer Street, men were lying on the pavement against the wall and shouting "Get down you silly bugger!" - but I kept running, I was going home to Mum."

Tony Robins


From my collection

A photograph of marching soldiers by Yeovil photographer William Ross, produced as a postcard around 1915.