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1574 will of Edithe harrison

Widow of Yevell


In the name of god Amen the Fourteenth daie of November in the yere of oure Lord god after the [Course?] and computacon of the Churche of Englande A Thousannde fyve hundred seaventye fowre And in the sixtenthe yere of the reigne of o[ur] Sovereyne Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of god Quene of Englande France and Ireland Defender of the faithe [word illegible] I Edithe Harrison of the p[ar]ish of yevell in the Countie of Somm[er]sett w[i]thin the dioces of Bathe and Wells wydowe beinge sycke in bodye and of p[er]fecte Remembrance (Lawde and praise be given to allmightye god, Do make this my laste will and testament in mann[er] and forme followinge. Inprimis I bequeathe my soule to allmightie god my Savioure Maker and Redeamer And my Bodye to the Christen buriall Item I do give to the people of the saide p[a]rish of yevell towards theire sustentation and Relief the Some of Fortie shillings of good and lawfull moneye of England. Item I do give to Johan Besante my Daughter my howse that I dwell in in yevell aforesayde, and my Bargaine in Halestocke in the Countye of Dors[e]t, and all my estate [word illegible] right, Title, Interest, and terme of yeres that I have in my saide house and Bargaine. Item I do give and bequeathe to Margarett Taylor my Sister the Some of Twentie shillings of good and Lawfull money of Englande and my Apparrell. Item I do gyve to Anne Williams my [wod illegible] the Some of twentie shillings of good and lawfull monneye of Englande Item I doo  gyve to Elizabethe Shepperde Twentie shillinges of Currente English money. Item I gyve Jone Woodell my Servannte a flocke bedd, a pair of sheetes, a bolster and a Cowlett item I do gyve to John Beaton my Shepeherd sixe sheepe Item I do give to Ales [luckthought ?] my Kinswoman A Fetherbed. Item I do gyve to Joan Cooke my Kinswoman a Fetherbedd. Item I do gyve to Edethe Cook two sheepe Item I do give to Edmonde Fanstone Twentie sheepe. Item I do give to William Fanstone my Kynsman a Fetherbedd. The Residue of all my Gooddes and Cattalls moveable and unmoveable not bequeathed I do fullie give and bequeathe to my said Daughter Joan Besante the wiffe of Richerde Besante of Beere Regis in ther Countie of Dorset, and to Mathewe Fanstone whome I do nominate and appointe to be my full and sole Executorres of this my Last will and Testamente to see the same perforrmed fulfilled and accomplished to all Intents and purposes mentioned in the same

Scriptum per me

Roger Jones [word illegible] vicar [Latin phrase] de yevill    John hacker    Gilesd Hane   Andrewe Fanstone witnesses


Proved at London in 1574



Transcribed by Bob Osborn