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1589 will of Thomas Clarke

Woollen Draper of Grope Lane


In the name of god Amen The Fourth day of Maye one thousand Fyve hundred eightie Nyne and in the one and thirtieth yeare of the raigne of our soveraigne Ladie queene Elizabeth I Thomas Clarke of Yeavell in the Countie of Somerset wollen Draper entendinge by the sufferance of Almightie God to make a voyage to the South partes with Mr John [Clydlye?] and Mr Andrewe Mericke with other there confederates Doe in perfect remembrannce make this my last will and Testament in manner and forme followinge. Imprimis I give unto my Wife Johane Clarke Twentie pounds nowe in the hande of my Uncle John Whitbie of Mudford I give her also the use of the house I have within the borough of Yevell during her natural life. I give her also such yeares as I have yet to come in one barne stable and garden plott in a certaine streete there called Grope lanne and after her Decease all such right unexpired I give unto Edward Clarke my sonne and after his decease yf any right shall be and yeares not expired I give unto Thom[a]s Clarke my sonne Item I gyve and bequeath unto Thomas Clarke my sonne my burgage that I have in Stofford nowe in the tenure of Richard Morris And yf it please god that he die before he marrie and have yssue that then it shall remayne unto my other sonne Edward Clarke Lastly I give all ther rest of my goods before not given or bequeathed Debts and legacies paied I give unto Johane Clarke my wife Edward Clarke and Thomas Clarke my sonnes whome I make my whole Executors of this my last will and Testament To be governed ruled and overseene by the discrecon advise and counsell of my Overseers my uncles Lyonell and John Whitbie Whome I make of this my last Will and Testament my Overseers and for theire paynes takinge therein I doe presently give unto eyther of them twelve pence.

By me Thomas Clarke

Subscribed with my owne handes the day and year above written in the presence of

George Clarke    Johis Haine   John Rawlins


Proved at London in 1591



Transcribed by Bob Osborn