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The Will of John Davy

The 1622 Will of John Davy of 'the Burrough'


In the name of God Amen the fifteenth Day of July in the twentieth yeare of the raigne of our sovereigne Lord James by the grace of god Anno Domini 1622 I John Davis of yeavell within the Dioces of Bathe and Wells though sicke in body yet of pfecte mynde and memorie god be praysed have ordayned and made this my last will & Testament first I bequeath [word illegible] unto my brothe William Davis two children the some of five pounds Item to my brothe William Davis my best irken [= jerkin] It[em] to my godsonne John Davis tenne [possinde ?] and a bord and frame in the hall in the Bourrough It[em] to Ellnor Davis fiftie shillings It[em] to Marie Davis fiftie shillings It[em] to George Davis foure younger children twentie shillings It[em] to my brother George Davis a doublet & a ierkin [= jerkin] as they are together It[em] to my godson John Weavell of Barwicke a table bord and frame standing in the chamber over the buttrie and tenn shillings of money It[em] to Thomas Weavell a standing bedsteed standing in the same chamber It[em] to John Weavell the father my best doublet It[em] I give to my mother fourtie shillings by the yeare out of the house in the Burrough as long as shee live It[em] I give to Thomas Rode a standing bed with a tester It[em] to my servant Joane a bedsted over the kitchen Alsoe my Will is that these legacies shalbe paid within one whole yeare after my decease It[em] I give to Elizabeth my wife all the rest of my goods & chattles whatsoevr or in whose hands or Custodie they are within the Realme of England and I make her my full and sole executrixe for my debts & legacies payd and my funerall discharged and for the more strengthening hereof I have hereunto set my hand [Even ?] the day and yeare first above written in the presence of theis John Davy I [appreviation = give] to all my godchildren twelve pence apiece It[em] to the poore twelve shillings

Samuell Seward       David Foord

Transcribed by Bob Osborn