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1626 Will of John Hardinge



In the name of God Amen the one & twentieth daie of October in the yeare of our Lord god 1626 I John Hardinge of Yevell in the Countie of Somersett Mercer calling to mynde the frailtie of man and howe necessarie a thinge it is for everie good Christian to be in a contynuall readines whensoever the good will and pleasure of God is to call Doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme Following (that is to saie) First I Com[m]end my soule into the handes of god my maker hopinge assuredlie through the onelie merritts of Jesus Christ my Saviour to be made p[ar]taker of everlastinge lief. And I com[m]end my bodie to the earth whenceof it is made. Item I give towardes the reparacon of the parish Church of yevell Five shillinges. Item my will is that my brothers sonne Samuell Hardinge shall have occupie and enioye to his owne use and behooffe during his naturall lief seaven acres of land lying in the East field of Kingstone iuxta Yevell which I purchased of Walter marten of Frome Saint Quintin And after the decease of the said Samuell I give the said seaven acres of Land to John hardinge the sonne of the saide Samuell and to his heires forever. Item I give to John and Agnes Hardinge the children of the said Samuell Hardinge to each of them tenne poundes. Item I give to John Starr my kinsman in London Twentie poundes in which he is now indebted to me. Item I give to John Traske and his wief and his two sonnes and daughter to each of them ten shillinges. Item I give to Richard Hardinge of Mudford Twentie shillinges. Item I give to Gyles Hardinge of Mudford Five shillinges. Item I give to Elizabeth Jenninges the daughter of Gyles Jenninges Twentie shillinges. Item I give to Joane Baker Five shillinges. Item I give to Stephen Dyer and John Dyer the sonnes of John Dyer the Elder a Bill of Seaventeene poundes which the said John Dyer the father owes unto me to be devided in this manner Fower pounds of the said bill I give to Stephen Dyer and tenne poundes to his brother John, The other three pounds remayning I acknowledge satisfied, Item I give to Margarett Starr the daughter of William Starr deceased twentie shillinges, with this Proviso, that if the said margarett shall clayme sue or trouble myne executor or Gyles Jenninges or his executors for anie Legacie pretended to be due from Thomas Whittby to her, Then my will is that she shall loose the benefitt of this guift and legacie of myne, Item I giev to John Starr to sonne of William Starr, the some of Seven poundes with this Provio, That if the said John Starr or anie of his brothers, or anie other in their behalf shall sue or trouble either myne executor or Gyles Jenninges or his executors for certain Legacies given by Thomas Whittby to the children of the said William Starr, Then mny will is that the saide Fower poundes shallbe lyable to answeare the said Legacies as farr as it will extend, And the residue to remayne to the said John Starr The which legacies have benne paid and delivered allready to William Starr the father. Item I give and release unto Roger Traske and his executors, all such debts Bondes and Bills which the said Roger owes me with this Provisoe that the said Roger his executors or administrators shall sufficientlie discharge and save harmeles myne executors and Gyles Jenninges and his executors from all legacies given unto the children of the said Roger Traske by Thomas Whittb, otherwise he the said Roger and his executors shall loose the benefitt which they might have by this my last will and testament. Item I give to John Webber the Rent of his house for a yeare after my decease. Item I give to the tenne Almespeople of William Oburnes Almeshouse Twelve pence a peece. Item I give to the Almspeople of the newe Almshouse three shillinges equalie to be devided amongst them. Item I give to the widdowe Gardiner and Agnes White Twelve pence a peece. Item my will is that myne executor shall bestowe the three poundes of myne which remaynes in the Custodie of the Prtrive [that is, portreeve] and Burgomasters of Yevell and likewise the three poundes which gyles White owes me towardes the apparelling of as manie poore children as he in his discrecon shall thinke fitt, of which Thomas Brookes sonne must be one. Item whereas William Sugge the sonne of Tristram Sugge hath Fower poundes of myne in his Custodie for three yeares for taking an Apprentice my will is That after the expiracon of the saide three yeares, three poundes of the said some shallbe bestowed by myne executor towardes the apparelling of poore children and the other Twentie shillinges to remaine for ever to the said William Sugge. All the rest of my goodes, chattels, and cattells, I give and bequeath to Samuel hardinge my brothers sonne whom I make my sole executor of this my last will and gtestament And I doe appoint Overseers of thsi my last will and testament Gyles Jenninges and William Jenninges the younger, and for their paines I give them Twentie shillinges a peece. In wittnes whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and sett my seale unto this my present last will the daie and yeare first above written in the presence of

John Hardinge

Signed and sealed in the presence of

The signe of John [Oustophe?]    The marke of Ursula Hooper     The marke of Joane Masters     Gyles Marchaunt


Proved at London in 1627



Transcribed by Bob Osborn