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1656 will of English Newman alias Short



Be it remembred that on the Eighteenth day of Januarie in the yeare of our Lord according to the account nowe used in England one thousand Six hundred fiftie and Sixe English Newman al[ia]s Short Yeavill in the County of Somersett shoemaker beinge Sick of body but of perfect minde and memorie did with a Serious intent and purpose to make and declare his last will and Testament [word illegible] (Say and utter in our presence and hearinge these words followinge or other words tendinge to the Same effect (That is to say My will is that all my household goods be divided amongst the Children of my Sonne Nicholas Newman And I doe make Elizabeth one of my Sonne Nicholas his Children my whole Executrix And I doe appoint her to pay unto my daughter one shilling and to her two daughters twelve pence a peece As for my daughter shee was to have halfe of my goods which shee hath had already In Witness whereof Wee have hereunto Sett our hands This Sixteenth day of February In the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred fifty and six

marke of Elizabeth Guppy       marke of Mary Guppy


The Seaven and twentieth day of the month of March in the yeare of our Lord God according to the computacon of the Church of England one thousand six hundred fiftie and six A Commission or letters of Administracon Issued out to Nicholas Newman al[ia]s Short the natirall and lawfull Father [Curate?] and guardian of Elizabeth Newman al[ia]s Short the grandchilde and Sole Executrix of the last will and Testament [word illegible] of English Newman al[ia]s Short late of Yeavill in the County of Somersett Shoomaker deceased To administer all and Singular the goods Chattles and debts of the Said deceased accordinge to the tenor and effect of the said will For the sole use benefitt and behoofe and duringe the minoritie and nonage of the said minor and Executrix Hee the said Nicholas Newman al[ia]s Short beinge first sworn in due forme of lawe by virtue of a Commission well and truly to Administer the Same



Transcribed by Bob Osborn