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1658 Will of Giles Hayne



In the name of God Amen I Giles Hayne of Yeavill in ye County of Somersett yeoman of good and perfect memorie (thankes be to Allmighty God) doe make and appointe this my last will and Testament in manner and forme followinge First I bequeath my Soule into the handes of Allmighty God And my body to be buried in christian buriall I give to foure poore men foure gownes and to each of them a hatt of fine [shileelingo prite ?] Item my will is that the [profits ?] of Trents Close doe go to the Payment of my debtes And after the discharge of my debtes that the proffitts of the same groundes doe goe to the breedinge up of my Children in their minority And when my sonne Geremy shalbe out of his minority My wish is that those grounds called Trents Close doe remaine to that Childe or Children which my wife is now with Child withall And that the next Burgage with the appurtennces [belonging thereto ?] if that shall fall into the hands which is my land in Yeavill [three words illegible] and enioyed by that Childe or Children aforementioned Item I give to my Sonne Jeremy all the tymber goods in my now dwellinge house Provided my wife [have ?] the use [word illegible] dureing her widdowhood All the rest of my goods within dores and without noit already given and bequeathed I doe give to Mary my wife whom I appointe to be my lawfull Executrix to dispose of it accordinge to the will and pleasure of Allmighty God [three words illegible] Henry Beaton the elder of Over Compton and Giles Hayne of Yeavill [word illegible] friends in trust to look to the performance of this my will

In the presence of Giles Hayne     Roger Short     Marie Daniell


This will was proved at London the First day of the month of January in the yeare of our Lord God accordinge to the Computacon of the Church of England one thousand sixe hundred Fifty eight before the Judges for [proving ?] wills and granting administrations lawfully authorized by the oath of Mary Hayne the Relict of the said deceased and sole executrix named in the said will To whom was committed administration of all and singular the goods Chattles and debtes of the said deceased Shee the said Mary Hayne beinge first sworne in due forme of lawe by vertue of a Commission well and truly to administer the same



Transcribed by Bob Osborn