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1793 Obligation

From William Lambert White to Mary Bright and others


Obligation W[illia]m L[amber]t White of Yeovil in the Co[unty] of Som[erse]t Gent. to Mary Bright of Yeovil af[oresai]d Spinster and Rob[er]t Man of Lymington in the Co[unty] of Hants and Mariana his Wife (which s[ai]d Mary Bright & Mariana Man are the [inserted = surviving] joint [word illegible] named in the last will of Sarah Bright late of Yeovil aforesaid Spinster dec[eas]ed in the sum of Eight hund[re]d pounds Date 18th June 1793.

The condition of this obliga[tion] is such That if the above bounden W L White his H[eir]s A[ssign]s Adm[inistrator]s or either of them shall & do well & truly pay or cause to be p[ai]d unto the above named Mary Bright Rob[er]t Man & Mariana his Wife or any or either of them their or any or either of their he[ir]s Adm[inistrator]s or Assigns the full Sum of 400£ with int[erest] for the same [inserted = from the 5th day of May last] (at the rate of 4£ & ten shillings by the hundred by the year) of good & L[awful] money of G[rea]t Brit[ain] (being the same sum which is ment[ione]d to be the [contraction unknown] of a certain Ind[enture] of [contraction unknown] bearing date the fifth day of May 179+1 made between Edw[ar]d Boucher of Yeovil ad[oresai]d Gent. of the one part and the s[ai]d Sarah Bright of the S[econd] part without [P?} and or further delay Then this obliga[tion] to be void & of none effect or else to remain in full force & virtue.
Sealed & Deliv[ere]d (being first duty stamed) in the presence of
C Moyle
John Ashby


Transcribed by Bob Osborn


From my collection