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A £400 Bond

From William Lambert White to John Ashby


Bond from W[illia]m Lamb[er]t White, Y[eovil]. Gent
Jno Ashby, same, Gent
Penalty £800 - Cond. 400 Int
Dated 20th Nov[embe]r 1800

Memorandum. I do hereby admit & declare that the sum of Four hundred pounds secured by the within written Bond, is not my money, but is the proper money of Mary Bright of Yeovil in the County of Som[erse]t Spinster, that my name is made use of In Trust for her, & for her proper use & benefit Witness my hand this 20th day of Nov. 1800. I also declare that the said Sum is the same sum as is Secured by a certain Ind[entu]re of Assignment of Mortgage made to me of even date herewith.

(Copy Jno. Ashby


Transcribed by Bob Osborn


From my collection