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The 1836 will of Elizabeth Hilbourne



I Wish to be buried in our vault & like the others except to have no pall bearers - let the Cheque I have signed be sent to the bank for the money - give £5 each to the two boble Society - my cloths linen furniture &c give to Mrs Cayme & Girls - the £50 which last has ot divide between his mother sister and himself - if my sister Han[na]h would like one of my tables she can take it [the following is struck through "it would be an insult to offer you anything as I know you have more than enough"] - if Edward & his son wish to be here dont hinder them - give Edwards two daughters Hannah and Mary £5 each and their brother Edward ten pounds - send the box of best china to Edw[ar]ds for his daughter Han[na]h and the silver things that is marked for his daughter Mary - give Eliz[abet]h Watts ten pounds - give Hannah Mitchel £ 5 and some of the worst of my things - give Betty Marsh five shilling and anything you like - Let my sister Han[na]h what mourning she [two words illegible] [the following is struck through "do not forget yourself"] after paying the expences what there is left divide between Mrs Cayme & daughters - in fulfilling this my last request you will oblige your sister

Eliz[abet]h Hibourne

dated 19 April 1836


In the Prorogative Court of Canterbury
In the Goods of Elizabeth Hilbourne Widow deceased

Appeared Personally Grace Cayme of Yeovil in the County of Somerset widow Charles Sherring of the same place Accountant and Thomas Hammond of the same place Glove Manufacturer and jointly and severally made oath as follows And first the said Grace Cayme widow for herself made oath that she is the sister and one of the Residuary Legatees named in the last will and testament hereunto annexed of the said Elizabeth Hilbourne late of Yeovil aforesaid widow deceased the said will beginning thus "I wish to buries in our vault" ending thus "you will oblige your sister" and thus subscribed and dated Eliz[abet]h Hibourne dated 19 April 1836 the same having the words "it would be an insult to offer you anything as I know you have more than enough" and the words "do not forget yourself" severally erased with a pen therein and having the following words and figures "Give Cyrus £5 5s to Mrs Devenish little boy to put in the bank William Watts & [word illegible] give £5 each to put in the Savings Bank until they are of age and "give Walter Watts £10" inserted at the foot of the said will partly on one side of and partly beneath the date and signature thereto And this appearer further made oath that the said will was upon the death of the said deceased found by her in its present state in the deceaseds bed room in a small trunk which was enclosed and locked within a larger trunk which smaller trunk the appearer had deposited there by the direction of the deceased shortly before her death that the said will at the time it was so found was enclosed in an envelope addressed in the handwriting of the said deceased to her three sisters as follows "Mrs Glyde Miss Wats and Mrs Cayme" and that the exhibit now hereto annexed marked A is a portion of such envelope the same having been inadvertantly torn by this appearer and the other portion thereof destroyed or lost And referring to the before recited words inserted at the end of the said will this appearer made oath that she hath no means of ascertaining at what period the same were written save that it must have been subsequent to the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven inasmuch as the legatee mentioned in part there of as "Mrs Devenish little Boy" is at the present time under the age of two years That the appearer is unable also to state when the before recited erasures were made in the said will but that she hath no reason to doubt that the same were made at or about the time of the writing of the said will And these appearers Charles Sherring and Thomas Hammond for themselves made oath that they knew and were well acquainted with the said Elizabeth Hilbourne now deceased and also with her manner and character of handwriting and subscription having frequently seen her write and also write and subscribe her name to writings that they have now carefull viewed and inspected the said will of the said deceased now hereunto annexed and that they verily and in their consciences believe the whole body [series ?] and contents thereof and the name "Elih Hilbourne" subscribed thereto and the aforesaid words inserted at the end thereof together with the writing appearing on the said exhibit marked A annexed hereto to wit the words "Miss Wats and Mrs Cayme" to be of the proper handwriting and subscription of her the said Elizabeth Hilbourne widow deceased

Grace Cayme     C Sherring     Thos Hammond

On the 22nd day of October 1842 the said Grace Cayme widow Charles Sherring and Thomas Hammond were duly sworn to the truth of this affidavit by virtue of the annexed Commission before me

W Workhouse Robinson Commissioner


On the 1st day of November 1842 Administration (with the will annexed) of the goods chattels and credits of Elizabeth Hilbourne late of Yeovil in the county of Somerset widow deceased was granted to Grace Cayme widow the sister and one of the Residuary Legatees named in the said will having been first sworn by Commission duly to administer. No Executor named in the said will.



Transcribed by Bob Osborn