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The Will of Thomas Gyrdeler

The 1581 Will of Thomas Gyrdeler, Tanner


In the name of god amen: the first daie of Auguste in the yeare of oure Lorde god after the course and computation of the Churche of England a thousande fyve hundred eightie one and in the three and twentye yeare of the raigne of o[ur] soveraigne Ladye Elizabethe by the grace of god Queene of Englande Fraunce and Ireland defender of the faith etc. I Thomas Gyrdeler of the Towne of Yevill in the countye of Som[erse]t Tanner beinge sicke in bodye but of good and perfecte remembraunce (laude and praise be gyven to allmightie god) doe ordaine and make this my last will and testamente in manner and fourmefollowinge First I give and bequeathe my soule to the handes of allmightie god my maker savioure and redemer And my bodye to be buried in the christen buriall. Item I doe give and bequeathe towardes the maintenance of the Churche of Brodford three shillinges fower pence. Item I doe give and bequeathe unto my father William Gyrdler my best cloake my best coate my best dublett my best hoses and twoe shirtes & twentye shillinges of good and lawfull money of Englande. Item I doe give and bequeathe unto my sister Johan one silver spoone withe a maiden head one platter one porringer and tenne shillinge in monneye. Item I doe give and bequeathe unto my sister Elnor Girdeler one silver spoone withe a mayden heade one porringer one platter and tenne shillinges in moneye. Item I doe give and bequeathe to my sister Agnes Gyrdeler one sylver spoone withe a maiden heade one plaite one porringer and tenne shillinges of currant englishe monneye. Item I doe give and bequeathe unto my childe that my wife doeth goe withall if it please god to sende yt into the worlde my three Tanninge howses and my Leazes thereof my eight tanue vates and my tannynge myll withe all the tooles to the same belonginge. And also twoe acres of arable Lande withe all righte title and interest in the same lying in Northover fielde within the parrishe of yevell aforesaide. Also my will if my wife Rabedge be not withe childe then I doe give and bequeath unto my brother Edwarde Gyrdeler the foresayde three tanninge houses and my Leases thereof my Eight tanne vates and my tanninge mill with all the tooles to the same belonginge and the foresaide twoe acres of arrable lande. Provided also and neverthelesse my Will is that my wiffe shall have the use & occupaton of the foresaide three tanninge houses and my Lease thereof my eighte tanne vates my tanninge myll with all the tooles to the same belonginge and the twoe acres of arable lande lyinge in Northover Fielde within the p[a]rishe of Yevell withe all righte tytle and intereste that I have in the same durynge the tyme that shee doe keepe herself unmarried. Item I doe owe unto Alice Master of the p[a]rishe of Brodforde Thirty fyve shillings. Item I doe owe unto Alice Marchaunte of Yevell widdowe theree shillings fower pence Item I doe owe unto [abbreviated = Eme] Marchaunte thirtene shillinges eighte pence. Also debtes owed unto me viz John Fathers of Mudforde doth owe me twentie shillinges. John Trent tenne shillinges three pence Harrye Browne Tenne shillinges eight pence. Item old Whitnoll of West Coker fyve shillinges eight pence. Item Roger Slade of West Coker Twoe shillinges five pence. Item John Collyns of Barwick fowre shillinges six pence Item Hughe Plattyne of Tevell fower shillinges. Item Richard Huckell of Sommerton Twoe shillinge. Item Thomas [Newe?] twoe shillinges. The Resydue of all my goods and cattells movable and unmovable (my debtes legacies perfourmed and paide) I do gyve and bequeathe unto Rabedge Gyedler my wiffe whome I doe nominate and appointe to be my sole executrix of this my last will and testamente. In witnes wherof I the saide Thomas Girdeler have signed theise presents withe my owne hande the daie and yeare firste above written In the presence of John Chanute clerk Henrie Stare and George Reade withe others.

Transcribed by Bob Osborn