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View of Yeovil from newton hill

by Edward Holton Buckler


About the artist

Edward Holton Buckler (occasionally Edward Hotton Buckler) was an artist and lithographer. He was born in Spitalfields, London in 1822, the son of traveller William Buckler. On 26 October 1854, at St Martin in the Fields, London, he married Eliza Sophia Laity, ten years his junior. They had several children: Florence, Edward, Henry, Amy, Eleanor, Edith and Ethel. His second wife, Edith, was 39 years his junior.

Although he is usually described as flourishing in the 1840s and 1850s, this lithograph by him entitled "View of Yeovil from Newton Hill" clearly dates from after the Yeovil Town Station opened in 1861. Indeed, he gave his occupation as an artist and lithographer in the 1891 census, when he was aged 69. He died in Hackney, London, in the summer of 1893, aged 72.

About the lithograph

This hand-coloured lithograph was drawn by Edward Holton Buckler (1822-1893) and published in Yeovil by Thomas Willy Vincent (1832-1918).

It is almost certainly the first illustration featuring Yeovil Town Station and Station Road. Similarly, it is the only known image of Stars Lane House and is also probably the earliest depiction of the footbridge, removed in the 1960s, over the railway tracks at the bottom of Stars Lane.

The lithograph image is 10½" x 8" (265mm x 200mm).


From my collection

This hand-coloured lithograph, entitled "View of Yeovil from Newton Hill" overlooking the new Yeovil Town Railway Station was made about 1861 (clearly just after the Town Station opened). Drawn by Edward Holton Buckler, it was published by Thomas Willy Vincent of Yeovil.


From my collection

This enlargement of the previous lithograph shows the detail of the train and station tracks and buildings much clearer. Although there seems little evidence of the town gas works (completed in 1833) which would have been in the top left quadrant, behind the lone station building, the triple-roofed gas works office (lately the St Margaret's' Hospice premises and currently vacant) are visible.


From my collection

This enlargement of the lithograph shows the newly-built Station Road, complete with a coach of railway travellers, running across the field that lay between Middle Street and the new station. This is, of course, the earliest image of Station Road.


From my collection

This enlargement of the lithograph shows the view looking to Stars Lane with the footbridge over the new railway tracks at its southern end. In the corner of the field to the left of Stars Lane is the only house at the time - Stars Lane House. This is the only known image of Stars Lane House.