everton road

everton road

Named after the developer's son.


Everton Road was laid out around 1900 and the 1901 Ordnance Survey shows it as a dotted line, meaning it was under construction when surveyed, with just a couple of houses having been built. It ran from West Hendford with a spur to the east running to Manor Road. Everton Road itself petered out at its southeastern end as it approached the rear gardens of houses in Hendford.

Everton Road was built, probably as a speculative venture, by the solicitors practice run by Sidney Watts, who was mayor of Yeovil for his second term in 1901-2. Watts named the road after his son, Everton. The majority of the houses were built by 1905.

With the coming of Queensway, however, Everton Road was bisected by the new dual carriageway with just a couple of houses remaining at its northwestern which are now absorbed within West Hendford. The rest of Everton Road survives and has a few modern houses infilling between the original houses.




This colourised postcard features in my book 'Yeovil From Old Photographs'.

A postcard of Everton Road, dating to about 1910, taken from the West Hendford end.


Courtesy of John Penny

Everton Road photographed in 1930.


An aerial photograph of 1946 showing West Hendford running from lower left to upper right and The Crescent dominating top centre. Opposite the lower, western, junction of the Crescent and West Hendford is the eastern end of Everton Road. Opposite the upper, eastern, junction of the Crescent and West Hendford is Manor Road. The spur joining Manor Road and Everton Road is also Everton Road.


....and a modern aerial view of the same area (nicked from Google) showing the subtle effect the planners once again foisted on Yeovil.


The north-western end of Everton Road (as was) seen from West Hendford. This part of Everton Road is now just a part of The Crescent. This photograph was taken only yards away from the first photograph above, and looks in the same direction. Between the fence the cars are parked against and the cream-coloured wall at centre runs Queensway. Photographed in 2013.


...and seen from the other end (standing with my back to the rear gardens of houses in Hendford). Looking northwest, the other side of the trees at the end of the road is Queensway. Photographed 2013.


Seen from its junction with Manor Road, this is the spur that leads from Manor Road into Everton Road. Photographed in 2013.