felix place

felix place

Housing terraces off Huish


Felix Place, named after Felix Curtis who owned the land on which it was built, connected Huish and West Hendford, to the east of the Crown public house. On its eastern side was a row of cottages with individual gardens to the west and an open space with footpaths to the east. A short terrace of houses ran parallel to the main Felix Place dwellings immediately behind the Crown.

Although neither terrace appear on Watt's map of 1806, the greater part of the eastern terrace appears on Bidder's map of 1843, albeit not named.

The town's first public swimming pool was erected on the corner of Felix Place and Huish in the mid-1880's, finally being replaced (after extensive alterations and modernisation programmes) by the Goldenstones Pools & Leisure Centre in 1992.

Felix Place was demolished in the early 1960's and the site is now under the western end of Tesco's southern car park.


1886 Ordnance Survey showing Felix Place right of centre.


The groundworks of the new swimming pool in Huish, photographed in 1960. At top centre is the rear of the Crown Inn and the cottage built alongside it. At right are the rear elevation of the houses in Felix Place.


The eastern terrace of Felix Place, photographed from Huish about 1960.


.... and seen from West Hendford. At extreme left is the corner of Morley House and left of centre the houses of Felix Place.

The western terrace of Felix Place behind the Crown public house. A colourised photograph of about 1960.


The demolition of the houses in Felix Place, seen from Huish in a colourised photograph of the mid-1960s.


Courtesy of Jack Sweet

In the mid-1960s most of Felix Place was demolished. Here, standing next to the Crown Inn, is the last surviving house in Felix Place which was the Corporation Swimming Pool manager's house - the swimming pool was immediately behind the house.

This photograph features in my book "Lost Yeovil"

In this photograph of about 1970 only one house remains in Felix Place's western terrace behind the Crown. Notice the newly-built Wellington Flats at right.


Courtesy of Chris Rendell

From left to right; the swimming pool in the background, the last house in Felix Place (the pool manager's house), the Crown, Huish and in the distance the infants school. Photographed in 1985.


Photographed slightly later than the previous photograph showing the last remaining house (the Swimming Pool manager's House) in Felix Place and the Crown Inn just before demolition.