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Barnet & Isaac Giles



Barnet Giles was born in 1810 in Poland, most likely of Jewish descent. He married Ann (b1816, Poland) and their first child, John, was born in Poland in 1841. By 1844 the family had moved to England; their daughter Sarah Anne was born in Bristol in 1844, Martha (b1846) and Isaac (b1847) were both born in Frome, Somerset, and Mary was born in Bruton, Somerset, in 1849. In the 1851 census the family were living in Bridge Street, Wincanton. Barnet gave his occupation as a travelling tea dealer.

By the time of the 1861 census the family had moved to High Street, Wincanton, and the family had grown with two daughters; Rebecca (b1853) and Lydia (b1855), both born in Wincanton. Barnard gave his occupation as a jeweller and hawker, while 14-year old Isaac gave his occupation as a photographer.

By August 1861 the family had moved to Yeovil and 'B Giles & Son' were placing weekly advertisements for his jewellery business in Princes Street which also boasted a photographic department. Undoubtedly Barnet ran the jewellery side of the business, while Isaac managed the photographic side of the business. The advertisement ran at least until September 1862. In the autumn of 1862, Ann died in Yeovil.

By the beginning of 1867 Isaac had removed to Bristol, where he set up as a jeweller at Temple Street. This, presumably ended the photographic side of the business of B Giles & Son.

In 1869 Barnet was declared bankrupt and it was probably this event that caused him to leave Yeovil. On 3 April 1875, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Barnet 'late of Yeovil' married Maria Noble (b1851), the eldest daughter of Mr T Noble of Great Western Terrace.




This is an advertisement placed in the Sherborne Mercury every week from August 1861 until (at least) September 1862.


From the 19 November 1869 edition of the Western Gazette - the first notice of Barnet Giles' bankruptcy.