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The Will of William Hayne

The 1551 Will of William Hayne, Yeoman


May 10th 1551. William Hayne of Kyngestone juxta Yevell, yemen
My body to be buried in the churchyard of Yevyll.
To the cathedral church of Wells 4d.
To the church of Yevyll 12d
To the poor people of the Almsehowse of Yevyll 3s 4d
To the prisoners of Ilchester 3s 4d
To Jone my wife 4 oxen and 40 wethers, 2 myll horses, also all suche kynde or grayne as I do now grow upon all those bargaynes that I do hold with my mother-in-law Jone Erlyche, the fetherbed and silver spones which my father gave to me, with the bedstede in my parlour.
To William my son the bedstede and fetherbed that I do now ly in and all such debts as John Cleves and William Mylford of Mutygew (Montacute) owe me.
To my daughter Alice a flockbedd.
All the rest of my household stuf to Jone my wife and William and Alice my two children.
To William my son my lease of Rodgrove and of the house in Backstrete in Yevyll which I bought of the portryfe and burgesses of Yevyll and if he die before lawful age, the said two leases shall remain to Alice my daughter
To Grace Wilton 40s
To my father my best gelding and my two burgages which I bought of my Lord Sturton for ever.
To my brother Gyles Hayne my best salt of silver and gilt.
The residue to William my son and Alice my daughter (executors)

Overseers: my father William Hayne and my brother Gyles Hayne to whom I commit the custody of my children;s goods until they come to lawful age. If they both die their goods shall remain to my father and to my brother Gyles and his children

Witnesses: Sir John Beall curate, John Tyrdo, William Stone, John Phillippes the elder, Richard Jacobbe, Thomas Clare, Artyr Mawnsyll, "acta per me John Beall curat de Yevell"


September 22nd 1557 Administration committed to William Hayne and Gyles Hayve the overseers, during the minority of William and Alice, children and exceutors of the deceased. January 25th 1574. Testamentum hujsmodi probatur per executores