hendford manor lodge

hendford manor lodge

The little-known gardener's cottage


Hendford Manor Lodge was a quaint cottage in the grounds of Hendford Manor but was mainly obscured from the road by trees and shrubs with the result that very few Yeovilians knew of its existence.

According to the 1881 census (the only census in which it was separately identified) it was occupied by 45-year old gardener James Foote with his wife Elizabeth and mother-in-law Maria Stagg. In its later years it was occupied by the Christian Science Society and registered as a place of worship.

Hendford Manor Lodge was demolished in the early 1970’s but the Christian Science Society's registration as a place of worship was only cancelled by the Registrar General in 2005.




This map, based on the 1886 Ordnance Survey, shows Hendford running from top centre to bottom left with Chant's Path running across the bottom right half of the map. Hendford Manor Lodge is at centre, surrounded by the trees that made it invisible from the road.




Hendford Manor Lodge was demolished in the 1970s.


This photograph features in my book 'Yeovil From Old Photographs'

.... and seen in colour from around the same time.


Photographed in the 1960s, this colourised photo looks north along Hendford with Hendford Terrace at right. The trees beyond the terrace were in the grounds of Hendford Manor and hidden away behind the trees was Hendford Manor Lodge.