Yeovil History Walks

Yeovil History Walks

Explore Yeovil's History with these Guided Walks

A series of short history walks around Yeovil highlighting some of the more interesting of the Town's features. Each walk is based around a theme and key points (which may or may not be connected with the theme) are highlighted and described. The walks generally are quite short and as flat as possible but remember, as those of us who live here know - Yeovil has more hills than Rome, so be prepared.

The walks are designed to to be downloaded (below), printed and carried with you on your walks and most of the key points may be researched on the A-to-Z of Yeovil's History website in much greater depth, either before or after your walk - or take your phone or tablet with you.

The various walks may be undertaken individually or grouped together. None are of any great distance and times will vary depending on the amount of time looking at each key point.



Note - the walks are produced in multi-platform PDF format and will require a viewer to see and print them. You probably already have one on your computer - click a link below, if it opens you are OK but, if nothing happens, download the free Adobe Acrobat reader from the Adobe secure website - click here.


Simply click the links below to download the walks -

Yeovil History Walk 1 - The Church of St John the Baptist - click here to download
A short walk around the town centre, highlighting some of the more interesting historical features of Yeovil, including a visit to St John's church itself.

Yeovil History Walk 2 - Georgian Yeovil - click here to download
There are, surprisingly to many, a fine collection of Georgian and Regency residences remaining in Yeovil, from relatively humble to the imposingly grand - although you may have to occasionally use your imagination to visually 'lose' some modern shop fronts.

Yeovil History Walk 3 - Grand Mansions - click here to download
This walk includes three of Yeovil's finest mansions, homes to the very rich in the past, as well as some fine Georgian homes of the middle classes. It concludes with a walk through a little-known part of Yeovil's Country Park.

Yeovil History Walk 4 - A Bit of Light Industry - click here to download
A walk that encompasses not only the leather and gloving trades but also light Engineering, cheese and dairy foods and the press.

Yeovil History Walk 5 - Yeovil at War - click here to download
This walk visits some of the remaining evidence of Yeovil at War - both the First and Second World Wars - from memorials to public air raid shelters to emergency canteens and rest centres.