memorial Service -  King George V

Memorial Service - King George V

Service at Westlands


The following is from the 15 February 1936 edition of Petter's Monthly News:

"It was a happy thought on the part of Captain Petter that we at Westland should pay a last tribute to our late Monarch in our own Works, and the service, simple, yet dignified, was such as the King himself would have loved.

On Tuesday, 28 January, at 11.45am, the hooter was blown and men and women left their jobs and hurried to the big new aircraft shop, where an improvised pulpit and table, covered with a Union Jack, had been placed. The Vicar of Yeovil, Prebendary J E S Harrison, took the service, and about 1,500 employees of the firm attended. The Work's Band played the hymns and suitable music. Prebendary Harrison gave a short address, in which he referred to the great and sterling qualities of King George, not only as a King, but as a man, urging us to use his memory as an incentive for the future.

The late King's favourite hymn 'Abide with Me' followed the address, and the service ended with the singing of the National Anthem. Simple as everything was, we know the service was an impressive one and will live long in the memories of those present."




The 1935 Jubilee portrait of King George V.


Courtesy of Dave Shorey

The Memorial Service held in the works' new aircraft shop for his late majesty King George V.