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The Will of Thomas Kyngesman

The 1452 Will of Thomas Kyngesman of Yevill


I, Thomas Kyngesman of Yevill, 4th August, AD 1452
My body to be buried in the churchyard of the church of St John the Baptist of Yevill.
Item, to the cathedral church of Wells 20d
To the parish church of Yevill 3s 4d
To the parish church of Peterton (Petherton) where I was born 6s 8d
All garments belonging to my body to my brothers and their sons
Item, to the way of Modeford (Mudford) for amending the same 6s 8d
To the poor of the Alms-house of Yevill 6d to be given every week for one year after my decease
I give to Alice , my wife, my burgage or messuage in Grope-lane for her life, after her decease to the vicar and wardens of the goods of the said parish church of Yevill, for ever, to celebrate yearly a common anniversary, in the first week of Lent, for my soul and the souls of my parents, friends, and all my benefactors
The residue I give to Alice, my wife, to dispose for my soul &c., and I make the said Alice my executrix, and I make master Thomas Bartelet, vicar of Yevill, supervisor

Proved 16th September AD abovesaid. Administration to the said Alice.