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1759 Lease for a year

The 1759 lease of [today's] 1&3 Princes Street


This is an indenture -  a lease for a year - from my collection, dated 7 August 1759 and made between Samuel Tomes, Innholder, and Nathaniel Butler Batten, Gent, of the first part and Edward Bullock, butcher, of the second part, for the premises today known as 1&3 Princes Street but in 1759 being in Hendford, also known as Cattle Market.

This Indenture made the twenty Seventh Day of August in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty nine in the thirty third year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and so forth Between Samuel Tomes of Yeovill in the County of Somerset Innholder and Nathaniel Butler Batten of the Same Place Gent of the one Part and Edward Bullock of the same Place Butcher of the other part Witnesseth that for and in Consideration of the Sum of five shillings of lawfull Money of Great Britain to Each of them the said Samuel Tomes and Nathaniel Butler Batten in hand paid by the said Edward Bullock before the Sealing and Delivery hereof the Receipts whereof are hereby acknowledged They the said Samuel Tomes and Nathaniel Butler Batten Have and Each of them hath bargained and Sold and by these Presents Do and Each of Them doth bargain and Sell unto the said Edward Bullock All that Messuage Tenement or Dwelling House scituate standing and being in Yeovill aforesaid near the Angell Inn there together with all and singular the Yards Backsides Courts Garden Stables Cellars outhouses Edifices and Buildings thereunto belonging formerly in the possession of John Reeks Sadler deceased afterwards of Elizabeth Reekes Widow and Relict of the said John Reeks and John Reeks Clerk oldest Son and Heir of the said John Reeks deceased Since of Thomas Reeks Sadler another Son of the said John Reeks deceased and late of Henry Brougham Gent or his undertenants and now of the said Samuel Tomes his Assignee or Assigns and all Ways Paths Passages Waters Water Courses Easements Profits Commodities Advantages Priviledges Hereditaments and Appurtenances whatsoever to the same Premises or to any Part thereof belonging or in any wise Appurtaining And the Revertion and Revertions Remainder and Remainders Rents Fenes [Fines] and Profitts thereof and of every Part thereof To have and to hold the said Messuage Tenement or Dwelling House and Garden and all other the Premises hereby or mentioned to be hereby bargained and sold unto the said Edward Bullock his Executors Administrators and Assigns from the Day next before the Day of the Date hereof for and during and unto the full End and Term of one whole Year from thence next ensuing and fully to be compleat and ended Yielding and paying therefore unto them the Said Samuel Tomes and Nathaniel Butler Batten or one of them their or one of their Heirs or Assigns the Rent of a Pepper Corn on the last Day of the said Term if the same be demanded To the Intent and Purpose that by virtue hereof and of the Statute made for transferring of Uses into Possession He the said Edward Bullock may be in the actual Possession of all and singular the said Premises hereby or intended to be hereby bargained and sold and be thereby enabled to accept and take a Grant and Release of the Revertion and Inheritance thereof to Him and his Heires for ever In Witness whereof the said parties to these Presents have hereunto Interchangeably Set their Hands and Seals the Day and Year first above Written

Samuel Tomes        Nathaniel Butler Batten


Transcribed by Bob Osborn 




E Watts' map of Yeovil of 1806. To put its location into context, today's 1 & 2 Princes Street is seen here at centre, to the immediate left of the "l" in "Cattle" [see enlargement below]. Cattle Market is today's Princes Street, while Borough is today's High Street. The lane leading to Hewish Common Field, today's Huish, is at bottom left with Waterloo Lane leading down to centre bottom and what would later become Clarence Street running up to top left of centre, between Mr Goodford's garden and the Congregational Chapel. The very narrow lane that would become known as Porter's Lane, eventually widening to become today's Westminster Street runs left from Cattle Market.


From my collection

The 1759 indenture.


From my collection

The signature and seal of Samuel Tomes from the 1859 indenture.


From my collection

... and Nathaniel Butler Batten's signature, also from the 1859 indenture.