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George Francis Maidment

Grocer of Hendford Hill


George Francis Maidment was born in Yeovil during the summer of 1862. He was the seventh of the eight children of glove cutter George Maidment (1823-1880) and dressmaker Caroline née Akerman (1821-1905). George and Caroline's children, all born in Yeovil, were; Sarah (b1850), Joseph (b1852), Kate (b1853), Catherine (b1854), John (1856-1936), Jane Edith (b1860), George and Caroline EEA (b1865). In the 1851 census the family were listed living in Coalpaxy Lane (today's Sparrow Road). George Snr gave his occupation as a glove cutter, 8-year-old George Jnr was listed as a scholar. George Snr died in Yeovil in 1880.

In the 1881 census, 19-year-old George was a live-in grocer's assistant at the premises of chemist and grocer Frederick W Smith, at 7 High Street. During the following decade, George established his own business at 1 Aldon Terrace on Hendford Hill, known as the Hendford Supply Stores. In the 1891 census George, together with a grocer's apprentice were listed at Aldon Terrace. George gave his occupation as a grocer and his sister gave hers as a grocer's assistant. George's mother gave her occupation as a dressmaker.

George advertised his business in the 1892 edition of Whitby's Yeovil Almanack Advertiser, as well as the editions of 1898 and 1903. He was listed as a grocer and provisions dealer in the 1907 edition of Collins' Yeovil Directory.

George added a sub-post office to his business, and in the 1901 census, he gave his occupation as 'Grocer and Sub-Postmaster'. His 72-year-old mother Caroline was still living with him as well as a 16-year-old postal clerk.

Caroline died in Yeovil in Yeovil during the spring of 1905, aged 83. George died, aged 46, in the summer of 1909. His death was recorded in Taunton.



George's advertisement in the 1892 edition of Whitby's Yeovil Almanack Advertiser.


 This colourised photograph features in my book 'Yeovil From Old Photographs'.

This postcard of 1912 looks up Hendford Hill from the junction with Horsey Lane, glimpsed at right. At left is the Railway Hotel, beyond which is Aldon Terrace including George's shop premises and post office.


A colourised enlargement of the previous photograph showing George's premises. The shop remained as such into the 1980s but is now incorporated into the private residence.