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Pork Butchers of Silver Street


William Parker was born in Bradford Abbas, Dorset, in 1823. In the winter of 1845 he married Annis, or Anna, Fudge (b1823) at Yeovil. William and Annis were to have six Yeovil-born children; Jane (b1850), William (1853-1915), Charles Raymond (b1854), Elizabeth (b1858), Eli John Wellman (1859-1916) and Lyndall Nathaniel (1862-1916).

In the 1861 census the family were listed in Vicarage Street and 38-year old William gave his occupation as a 'Saddler etc'. In the spring of 1866, at Yeovil, Annis died aged 42 and in the following 1871 census William, described as a widower, and his family were still living in Vicarage Street. William gave his occupation as a harness maker, daughter Jane was a dressmaker, sons William and Charles were box makers, 14-year old Elizabeth was a servant and Eli and Lyndall were both at school.

In 1874 11-year old Lyndall, together with his friends 13-year old William Purchase and John Mead, found themselves in front of the Borough Magistrates charged with stealing 75 lbs of coal from William Skinner's coal yard. Lyndall "made a clean breast of it" and got off while the others received a birching.

Although not proven, it is likely that William Parker Snr died during the 1870s since, by the time of the 1881 census his family had scattered; Charles had married and moved to Cheddar where he continued to be a fancy box maker in a shirt factory, Eli was a bricklayer's labourer and was lodging at 3 Vicarage Street and Lyndall was a butcher lodging at 84 Huish.

In the summer of 1882 Lyndall married Annie Thring (1863-1917) at Yeovil. They were to have six children, all born in Yeovil; Anne (b1884), Harry L (b1886), William (b1888), May (b1893), Dora (b1894) and Raymond (birth unknown).

In the 1891 census Lyndall and Annie, together with their three eldest children, were listed at Stanley Cottage, Earle Street. 28-year old Lyndall gave his occupation as a pork butcher. The 1901 census entry was almost identical.

By 1895 Lyndall, Annie and their three daughters were living above Lyndall's butcher's shop at 8 Silver Street, on the corner of Vicarage Street (see Gallery). Whitby's Yeovil Almanack Advertiser of 1895 listed Lyndall as 'LN Parker, Pork and Provision Merchant of 8 Silver Street. This listing would be repeated in Whitby's 1898 and 1903 editions. Collins' Yeovil Directory of 1907 had a similar listing

By the time of the 1911 census, Lyndall and Annie's son William had returned to live at home. Both Lyndall and William gave their occupations as pork butchers, 18-year old May worked as a draper's assistant and 17-year old Dora worked as a cashier in her father's butcher's shop.

Lyndall Parker died in Yeovil on 16 August 1916, aged 54. His will was proved in December 1916 to Annie and his son William. Lyndall's effects were valued at £4,309 19s 6d (around £270,000 at today's value). Annie died the following spring, also aged 54.

Following his father's death, William took over the butcher's shop and in the 1919 edition of Kelly's Directory listed the business as 'Parker & Son, Pork Butchers of 8 Silver Street'.



The report of Lyndall's court appearance from the 24 April 1874 edition of the Western Gazette.


The western end of Vicarage Street photographed from Silver Street, c1920. The Parker family's butcher's shop is at left.