Quaker - Marriages 1659 to 1721

Quaker Marriages

Quaker Marriages in Yeovil from 1659 to 1835


Totals for Yeovil to 1721 (they clearly couldn't count)


  • Remember spellings were somewhat cavalier compared with today

  • The following has been compiled from several Quaker registers

  • There are some gaps in the registers


12 Dec 1659  George Waterman of Humer in the parish of Trent & Sarah Goodson daughter
of John Goodson of Marston were married in the
3 Mar 1660  Andrew Nills and Agnes Stagg of the parish of Trent
14 Aug 1660  Nicholas Pitman and Edith Martin of North Cadbury 

25 Aug 1663  Samuel Hopkins of the p(ar)ish of Low(er) Compton in the County of Dorsett
and Magdalen daughter of Thomas Dart of Mudford
3 Jun 1665  Charles Bowen of Bristoll & Mary daughter of John Starr
3 Jun 1665   Christopher Moore & Elizabeth daughter of William Swetman
18 Dec 1665  John Parker of Blandford in the County of Dorsett & Hester Beacham
28 Oct 1686  John Vivian and Mary Windsor widd(ow)
16 Aug 1687  Henry Beaton of over Compton in the County of Dorset (?) & Mary Sampson
of Old Sock in ye County of Som(er)set were maryed
20 Feb 1690  John Loder of Moore in the County of Wilts member, & Hannah Hutchins
Daughter of Peter Hutchins of Horsington in the County of Som(er)set were maryed
6 Jan 1691  Lamberd Morris and Sarah Clark was Married
23 Sep 1692  John Cuff & Mary NowellDaughter of Richard Nowell (all of Long Sutton) were Marryed
22 Jan 1696  Jeremiah Busey son of Charles Busey of yeovell and Hannah White Daughter of John White of Burnham were marryed
8 Sep 1710  Abraham Blanch of the City of Bristol & Mary Hulett of this place married
8 Sep 1710   W(illiam) Isaac of Mountacute & Sarah Hill of Rime married
14 Sep 1721  Joseph Moore of this town & Hannah Ring of Bradford married 

6 Sep 1787  Thomas Churches of Yatton, Grocer, son of Robert Churches and Mary his wife and Rebecca Salton of Yeovil, Relict of Sam(ue)l Salter of Puddimore

20 Aug 1788 Robert Churches son of  Robert Churches and Mary his wife and Peninnah Isaac daughter of Samuel Isaac of Montacute and Martha his wife, both deceased

14 Dec 1808 John Isaac son of Samuel Isaac of Montacute and Martha his wife and Elizabeth Pitman daughter of William Pitman of Yeovil and Mary his wife deceased
9 Jul 1835  William Sparkes of Worcester, Ironmonger, son of William Sparkes of Exeter, Copper Merchant, and Mary his wife and Mary Martin daughter of Stephen martin of Watcombe, Yeoman, and Rhoda his wife