reckleford terrace

reckleford terrace



Reckleford Terrace was a row of seven dwellings on the south side of Reckleford and adjoining the Glovers Arms on its western side. At the time of the 1851 census they were noted as being under construction.

By the 1861 census the terrace was chiefly occupied by families in the leather and gloving industries.

Reckleford Terrace was demolished around 1965 as part of the widening of Reckleford and the creation of the Ambulance Station and Fire Station.



Map based on the 1886 Ordnance Survey showing Reckleford Terrace at bottom centre, below the 'ECKLEFO' of Reckleford.




This photograph, taken in 1960, shows Reckleford Terrace (immediately right of the Glovers Arms) that was demolished for the widening of Reckleford and the construction of the ambulance and fire stations that opened in 1962. In the distance, Salisbury Terrace was demolished shortly thereafter for the Reckleford widening as were the cottages at right – built around 1850.


Pretty much the same scene as above but taken around 1965 with the Glovers Arms at centre. Reckleford has not yet been made a dual carriageway but Reckleford Terrace has been demolished to make way for the new ambulance station and fire station.