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George Rendell

Bright Smith


George Rendell (also Rendle and Randell) was born in East Coker in 1782, the son of Bartholomew and Mary Rendle. He was baptised at East Coker on 25 December 1782. Although nothing is known of his early life it is most likely that he served an apprenticeship as a bright smith (silver smith), possibly in East Coker, but more likely in Yeovil.

On 21 November 1808 at St John's church George (recorded as Randall) married Elizabeth Symes (also Sims). George and Elizabeth were to have at least five sons, all born and baptised in Yeovil. Two sons must have died soon after birth as both had their names re-used; William Sims (bap. 25 September 1809), William Simms (bap. 26 December 1810), George Sims (bap. 19 October 1813), Henry (bap. 4 October 1814) and Henry (bap. 4 October 1815).

The 1813 record of George Sims Rendall's baptism in St John's register notes that at this time George and Elizabeth lived in Back Street (today's South Street) and that George worked as a bright smith.

In the 1841 census George and Elizabeth were recorded living in Hendford, close to Chant's Path. George gave his occupation as a smith. In fact we know from the 1842 Tithe Map and the associated 1846 Tithe Apportionment that George owned the property he and Elizabeth lived in which, it transpires, was the Volunteer Inn in Hendford at the corner of Brunswick Street. The 1842 Tithe Map (see below) shows, just right of centre, Parcel 363 containing the Volunteer Inn shown as an L-shaped building. While George was the owner and lived in part of the building, the landlord and grocer was Silas Griffin who lived with his family above the inn / shop premises which he rented from George.

The other properties owned by George at this time, all of which he rented out, were Parcels 541 and 542, listed as houses and gardens. This was a block of six or seven cottages and gardens in Reckleford at the junction with Goldcroft (see Gallery). He also owned Parcel 560, a block of three cottages with gardens in Back Kingston (today's Higher Kingston - see Gallery), again which he rented out.

In the 1851 census George and Elizabeth, now aged 70 and 71 respectively, were still living at the Volunteer Inn alongside Silas and Mary Griffin and their children. George gave his occupation as a retired smith. George died sometime in the next five years although it is difficult to tell exactly since three Yeovil men called George Rendell died during this period.


Land Holdings and Maps


The Yeovil Tithe Apportionment of 1846 shows that George Rendell owned and occupied (meaning he rented them out) in Yeovil four Parcels as tabulated below. This totalled about ten cottages and the Volunteer Inn.

Owner Occupier Parcel Name
Rendell, George Rendell, George 363 Houses & Gardens
Rendell, George Rendell, George 541 Houses & Gardens
Rendell, George Rendell, George 542 Houses & Gardens
Rendell, George Rendell, George 560 Houses & Gardens


Part of the 1842 Tithe Map showing, just right of centre, Parcel 363. This L-shaped building was the Volunteer Inn. Hendford runs diagonally from top right to bottom left while Brunswick Street runs to join it from bottom right.


In this extract of the 1842 Tithe Map, Reckleford runs from top left down towards bottom right while Goldcroft runs up towards the top right corner. George's properties, Parcels 541 and 542 containing the cottages shown in the Gallery below, lie at the junction of the two roads.


In this extract of the 1842 Tithe Map, Back Kingston (today's Higher Kingston) runs from top left to just right of bottom centre. George owned and rented Parcel 560 at centre, a terrace of three cottages shown in the Gallery below. 




An extract from the Register of Baptisms of East Coker; the first entry of 25 December 1782 is that of George Rendle.


The 1813 record of George Sims Rendall's baptism in St John's register. It notes that George and Elizabeth lived in Back Street and that George was a bright smith.


The Volunteer photographed about 1955 - a tranquil scene before Hendford was straightened. George owned the building and lived there with Elizabeth in the 1840s.


Cottages on Reckleford by Goldcroft. These were the cottages shown on the 1842 Tithe Map and listed in the 1846 Tithe Apportionment as Parcels 541 and 542 owned by George. Photographed in the early 1960s, these were demolished soon after this photograph was taken.


Looking east, this run of houses were on the north side of Higher Kingston and were replaced by the long blocks of nurses' accommodation recently demolished. Photographed in the mid-1960s. George owned the three houses at centre (with the telegraph pole and the car outside). These were Parcel 560 referred to above.