South Yeovil Service Station

South Yeovil Service Station

South Street


The South Yeovil Service Station was located on the southern side of South Street, almost opposite the Victoria Temperance Hall (today's Day Centre).

There is very little information today concerning the service station; it was certainly operating in the 1960s and I remember using it often in the 1970s.

By 1991, the date of the last photograph below, the service station had closed. The site is now flats.



A photograph, taken in the 1960s, of the Victoria Temperance Hall. At the very bottom left corner of the photograph is the edge of the South Yeovil Service Station's forecourt. Notice the end wall of the house adjoining the hall with the notice 'Petrol' and an arrow pointing across to the Service Station.


A South Yeovil Service Station's advertisement of 1971.


Courtesy of Vivien and John Cornelius

The South Yeovil Service Station, South Street. Photographed in 1991 by which time it had closed and was about to be demolished.