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Thomas Bullock Watts

Solicitor and Wine & Brandy Merchant


Thomas Bullock Watts was born in Yeovil in 1787. He was the son of Samuel Watts the Elder and Betty née Bullock. Samuel and Betty were to have five sons; George Bullock (1772-1837), Samuel the younger (1774-1843), Edward Bullock (1785-1849), Joseph (1786-1828, Calcutta, India), Thomas Bullock (b1787) and four daughters; Winifred (b 1780), Mary (who married James Glyde), Grace (married James Cayme the Younger in January 1806) and Hannah (who remained unmarried) whose dates are unknown.

Thomas Bullock Watts, like his brothers Samuel the younger and Joseph, became a solicitor. Thomas was also a wine merchant and a partnership was formed and noted in the London Gazette that the partnership traded under the name Cayme Watts & Co. Those signing off on a new name were Thomas, his brother Edward, his brother-in-law James Cayme the younger and his brother John Cayme. However Cayme, Watts & Co was dissolved on 27 July 1813. At this juncture Edward Watts wanted out (he had just married and had even left the military volunteers).

In 1815 there was an interesting bankruptcy reported for a certain carpenter named John Nossiter whose creditors included maltsters from as far away as Bristol and the Yeovil brandy merchants, Bullock, Watts & Cayme the Younger.  Indeed Thomas Bullock Watts and James Cayme were themselves declared bankrupt in October 1822. Nevertheless, it would seem that the venture was continued by the firm of Thomas Bullock Watts & Co which was listed in Pigot's Directory of 1824 as a 'Wine & Spirits Dealer' of Wine Street, although Thomas was again declared bankrupt in December 1824.

The Nossiter bankruptcy of 1815 has as one of his creditors Messrs Watts Marsh & Bullock & Co. Later in 1815 it was announced that this banking partnership was dissolved by mutual consent under the signatures of Thomas Bullock Watts, Samuel Watts the Younger, Thomas Marsh and James Glyde.

Thomas Watts' law practice was in Wine Street and Pigot's Directory of 1824 gave him two entries; as an attorney and as an agent for the Suffolk Fire Insurance Company.

In the summer of 1841, at St Swithin's Walcot, Bath, 54-year old Thomas married 28-year old Maria Mounty of Bath. In the 1851 census they were listed living at St Edmund Street, St Pancras, Middlesex. Thomas gave his occupation as a solicitor.

It is not known when Thomas died, but Maria died in London in 1870, aged 57.


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A notice of sale of a house and land from the 26 November 1822 edition of the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette. The sale was brought about by the bankruptcy of Thomas Watts and his brother-in-law James Cayme the Younger.