Gloving in yeovil

C Young & co

Glove Manufacturers of Seaton Road


Young & Co were glove manufacturers and in 1931 were listed in Kelly's Directory as being located in Brunswick Street.

At some time they re-located to this purpose-built, three storey factory set within residential properties in Seaton Road.

The factory, originally built as an Engineering works, was built in 1910 and its datestone, set high on the Seaton Road frontage, says “WA.S” (presumably the name of the builder) over “1910”. Indeed Seaton Road itself was only built between 1901 and 1912.

During the Second World War the building was commandeered as a sugar store, with a return to glove manufacturing in 1948.

The factory closed in 1988 on the death of Mr C Young and was bought by the council in 1991. Today it is converted to flats, opened in 1994, suitably named “Glover’s Court” and now has a ‘gloving’ style weather vane which was not on the original building.



A photograph of the mid-1960s showing the glove factory when in use.


Courtesy of Roger McElliott

Workers photographed just before the factory closed in 1988.


Photographed in 2013, the building has now been converted to flats called Glover's Court.


.... and seen from the other direction in 2013.


The factory building seen within its residential setting of Seaton Road - something that wouldn't be allowed today.