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Yeovil Trades & Traders

Life before hypermarkets

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But before there were shops...

...and then came

Courtesy of Chris Symes

Honeycombe's corner grocery store, West Hendford at the junction with Manor Road, typical of the pre-supermarket age. That is Sarah Ann Bowden, née Moors, in the doorway above, in a colourised photograph of around 1905.


This colourised photograph features in my book "Lost Yeovil"

This photograph, taken around 1910, is of John Coombs Hayne's butcher's shop in the Borough (literally). Hayne's moved to their current premises at the very northern end of Princes Street in 1939.


From my collection. This colourised photograph features in my book "Lost Yeovil"

.... and in the early 1960s a horse-drawn ice cream van delivers to Sandringham Road.