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1696 will of Thomas Hawker

Esquire of Hawker's Farm, Vagg


The last Will and Testament of Thomas Hawker Esquire of Vagg in the parish of Yeovill in the County of Somersett being in good and perfect memory made the Thirtieth of December one thousand Six hundred ninety Six Imp[rimis] I give unto my dearly beloved wife Elizabeth Hawker one hundred and fifty pounds to be paid her the First day of April next ensuing the date hereof by my Trustees provided if shee Marry a Second Husband the said one hundred and Fifty pounds to bee repaid to my Trustees upon demand and imployed for the good of my Children Item I give to my Wife the House I live and the Orchard and outhouses belonging to it for twelve yeares after my decease if the lived on it live soe long provided shee lived in the house unmarried and the use of all the goods withindoor and the place Tackling if she married her [Joynture?] herself Item I give unto my wife three Milch Cowes for her use while shee lives in the abovesaid House But if shee lives not in it the said Cowes to bee at the dispose of my Trustees for the use of my Children Item I give to my wife my Horse called Angle and my [bow?] Nag Item I give unto my Sonn George Hawker All my Lands except my Land in Martock and Boarehenton parish which I have lately sold to one Palmer who is now in the possession of it if the Bargaine goes on and be confirmed part of the money to pay for an Estate I have lately bought at Vagg And my Will is that none of my Land shall bee coppyed or stated out either by my Trustees or Widdow in my Heires Minority Item I give unto my Sonn Charles one thousand pounds [around £150,000 at today's value] to bee paid him by my sonn George when Charles comes to bee one and twenty yeares of Age Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth one thousand pounds to be paid her also by my Sonn George when she comes to the age of one and twenty years or sooner if she marry with the consent of my Trustees in her Minority the said Charles and Elizabeth to bee maintained and educated out of their brother Georges Estate at the discretion of my trustees Provided they keepe within the yearly income of my Sonn Georges Estate and my will is that my Trustees shall have the Government and Educating of my Children only Item I doe constitute appoint and desire my Mother Elizabeth Hawker my Sister Sarah Hawker and my Sister Mary Hawker to be my Trustees and Executrixes in Trust of this my last Will and Testament And hereby I doe desire and impower them to take up monyes for the advantage of my Heire if occasion be on his Estate not exceeding the Sume of Five hundred pounds Which moneys soe to bee paid out of my Heires Estate with the interest of the same If either of them Dye or Marry the Survivors to appoint another In Witnesse whereof I have set my hand and Seale the day and yeare above written

Thos Hawker

In the presence of

Abraham Forester     Rob Leach     Wm Markes


Proved at London 1697



Transcribed by Bob Osborn




The Hawker brass in St John's church, showing the Arms of Hawker impaling Duke.