Hawker's Farm

The Hawker Family of Hawker's Farm

An early farm at Vagg


Hawker's Farm was located at Vagg and flourished during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

As far as I am aware, there is only one reference to Hawker's Farm which is in the 1589 Terrier and records "Mr Hawker's Farm; contains by estimation 200 acres". 

It appears that the family farmed in Vagg for decades, since a brass on the west wall of the south aisle in St John's church (see Gallery) records the death of Thomas Hawker of Vagg on 15 January 1656 at the age of 33 years. It also records the burial of Thomas Hawker Esquire "grandfather of the above". The Hawkers were descended through the female line from Richard Duke (c1515-1572) of Otterton, Devon.

The brass depicts the Arms of Hawker (a hawk on a perch) impaling Duke (Per fesse (halved horizontally) argent and azure (silver and blue), three chaplets (twisted bands of cloth holding a knight's mantling onto his helmet) counterchanged (arms with a field of two tinctures, a metal and a colour). The Hawkers were descended through the female line from Richard Duke (c1515-1572) of Otterton, Devon, as shown by the sinister impalement (the right half) of the arms. 

Notwithstanding the ornate brass plaque with its armorial coat of arms, it seems the Hawker family had some standing in the community since in St John's parish records Thomas Hawker, the grandfather, was appended 'Esquire' and his son, also Thomas, was appended 'Mr'. Thomas the grandfather was buried in St John's churchyard on 11 September 1595.

The 1743 Terrier noted "Hawker's Estate at Coppetthill".


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The Hawker brass in St John's church, showing the Arms of Hawker impaling Duke.