burial grounds (19th century)

burial grounds - tabernacle

Dealing with burials in 19th century Yeovil


In 1852 in his Report to the General Board of Health concerning, among other items, Yeovil's burial grounds, Thomas Rammell wrote the following concerning burials in the Tabernacle burial ground in Huish.

"The Tabernacle Burial-Ground is situated in Paradise Street, about a quarter of a mile from the chapel; there are houses on each side and in front of it, but none immediately adjoining. It is 23 perches in the extent, and is walled in on every side. The ground lies high and the soil is dry. It was first used for interment is about forty years ago, and very few take place in it, perhaps not more than two or three a year; there is consequently a considerable amount of unoccupied ground."

By 1886 the burial ground was disused. The site was purchased for £50 (about £5,100 at today's value) in 1907 by the Town Council as an extension to Huish School. The site was later cleared and now lies under the magazines section to the south of the main entrance in the Tesco store in Huish.