bus crash

the bus crash

The Hendford bus lands in Dodham Brook


Around lunchtime on Friday, 9 January 1953 the Southern National double-decker bus for Hendford had just driven into Horsey Lane near the Railway Inn, when it crashed through metal railings. It ended up at a precarious angle of 45° in Dodham Brook, as seen in the photographs below, and came to rest against the wall of Burt & Son Ltd.

The passengers were rescued from the upstairs emergency exit of the bus using ladders, although seven passengers were injured in the accident.

Two heavy duty five-ton cranes were brought from Taunton and Weymouth and the bus was finally extricated later that evening.


Yeovilians remember...

Many thanks to Chris Stone for the following memory of the incident - "Off duty bus driver Mr Ivor Kemble was travelling home to Marl Close and was thrown through the main entrance into the stream, but quickly recovered and clambered back to help the passengers. Mr Kemble had broken his wrist. In addition to the broken wrist, several passengers were injured, nothing serious thankfully."




Having crashed through railings, the Hendford bus lies at an angle of 45° in Dodham Brook.


Courtesy of Chris May

Seen from a different angle.


This photograph features in my book 'Secret Yeovil'

Dodham Brook used to run alongside Horsey Lane. This is another photograph of the same scene. It seems that little else other than buses and lorries used Horsey Lane in the 1950s.


This photograph features in my book 'Secret Yeovil'

.... and seen from the other side.