Gloving in yeovil

Ewens & robbins

Glove Manufacturers of Alexandra Road


The company of Ewens & Robbins was only listed once in Yeovil's trade directories and this was in 1919 when they were listed as glove manufacturers of Alexandra Road in Kelly's Directory of that year.

It is not known which of the Ewens family was connected with this business.

Nothing further is known at this time.




A 1916 postcard of the girls who worked at Ewens & Robbins of Alexandra Road. They are named on the back of the postcard, below.


The back of the postcard listing the girls' names. Presumably the names at the left are the back row, and those at the right are the front row. In which case;

Back row, left to right: Winnie Singleton, Lily Day, Polly Rose, Agnes Sims and Nellie Parsons.

Front row, left to right: Nancy Hallett, Ethel Ricketts, Hilda Griffen, Dorothy Robbins and Renee Henwood.


The Ewens & Robbins premises in Alexandra Road.