Fore Street Bridge

fore street Bridge

A bridge in the Medieval fore-way into Yeovil


The area known today as the Triangle but in earlier times called Vennell's Cross, is where Middle Street, South Street, Vicarage Street, Stars Lane and Fore Street (as that part of Middle Street from the Triangle to Central Road was known at the time) meet and was originally the easternmost point of the Borough of Yeovil.

Since this stretch of road from London Road to the Triangle was the road leading to the town, or the fore-way, it was known as Fore Street from Medieval times.

Where the Rackel Brook and/or Milford Brook crossed Fore Street, there was a bridge, roughly in the area where the old Liberal Club stands today, known as Fore Street Bridge and mentioned in the 1589 Terrier ".... from Forestreet bridge to Penneway...." and ".... from thence to Forestreet bridge".

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