Gloving in yeovil

Edwin Robbins Ltd

Glove Manufacturers of Alexandra Road


Edwin Robbins Ltd were glove manufacturers of Alexandra Road, being listed in Kelly's Directory as early as 1935. Their last listing in a trade directory was in Edwin Snell's Directory of 1954.

The site was also occupied by the Yeovil Degreasing Co who were listed in trade directories from Kelly's Directory of 1919 until Edwin Snell's Directory of 1954. The factory was later taken over by glove manufacturers J Compton, Sons & Webb Ltd.

 The small glove factory was built in the north-eastern corner of Little Hather Mead (Parcels 977 and 977a) . The small, two-storey glove factory still stands in Alexandra Road and is now part of a small industrial estate.

At the present time nothing further is known.



A photograph probably dating to the 1940s of the Yeovil Degreasing Co / Edwin Robbins Ltd premises at Alexandra Road. The tall chimney survives but the glove factory has been partially demolished and is now shortened as shown below.


Edwin Robbins Ltd glove factory in Alexandra Road. Photographed in 2013.