Exhibition Programme

Programme of Quarterly Exhibitions

Presented by Yeovil's Virtual Museum, the A-to-Z of Yeovil's History


These are the exhibitions, current and scheduled for the future, by Yeovil's Virtual Museum. Unlike exhibitions presented by other museums, these will remain available indefinitely.


May 2022 Yeovil's Fashions captured by the Camera
from the 1850s to the 1920s

July 2022 Secret Yeovil
Little of Yeovil’s history remains ‘secret’, but much is less well known.

September 2022 The Story of Yeovil
The story of a town built on gloving

January 2023 A View of Yeovil
A focus on Yeovil's heritage of architecture and landscaping

May 2023 Entertainment in Yeovil
What Yeovilians did in their spare time

September 2023 Taste of Yeovil
The story of eating and drinking in Yeovil

January 2024 Yeovil at War
Yeovilians go off to war and the Home Front

April 2024 One for the Baby Boomers
Yeovil as she used to be

July 2024 Pubs of Yeovil - lost forever
Many still remembered, many sorely missed




This programme is fairly flexible, so if you have an idea for a future exhibition, please contact me. My email address is at the bottom right of the home page.