Marsh Farm

Marsh Farm

A small dairy farm in Yeovil Marsh


Marsh Farm is / was a dairy farm in Yeovil Marsh.

The farm was for sale in January 1833, at which time the owner was Samuel Glyde of Grove House, Yeovil. When the farm was let in the same month, the advertisement  stated "... now and for many years past in the occupation of Mr Henry Genge as tenant thereof."

The farm was described in the 1833 advertisement of let as; "All that desirable Estate, called Marsh Farm; consisting of a convenient Dwelling House, Barn, Stable, Stalls, Yards, Gardens and divers Closes of Orchard, Meadow, Pasture and Arable Land, containing by customary admeasurement 104a 0r 21p, more or less, situate at Yeovil Marsh and Draycott, in the parishes of Yeovil and Lymington, in the county of Somerset." The advertisement continued to explain that the land in Draycott (between Limington and Ashington) consisted of three closes called Chaffey's Leazes.

In July 1837 the farm was sold again. The details in the Notice of Sale recorded; "A capital Estate, lying within a ring fence, and abounding with thriving Oak and other timber, called Marsh Farm, consisting of a good Dwelling-House, and all necessary Farm buildings and Closes of Land, containing in the whole, by customary admeasurement, 71a 2r 29p [so, presumably, the Limington fields had been sold off separately] more or less, whereof about 4 acres are Arable, 7 acres Orchard, and all the remainder Meadow and Pasture, now in the occupation of Mr George Conway."

In May 1844, Marsh Farm "in the occupation of Mr Charles Marshalsea" was offered for sale again. The size of the farm appears to have dwindled even further, as the Notice of Sale recorded "... known by computation as 80 acres, more or less, but containing by the parochial map 59acres, 1 rood and 13 perches statute measure."

The 1846 Tithe Apportionment recorded that Marsh Farm was then owned by William Neal and let to John Marshalsea. Neal appears not to have lived in the area.

In 1860, the tenant was recorded as John Mullett. During the early 1880s, the Kitton family were the tenants, followed by the family of Edward Indoe in the late 1880s and then Samuel Conway, followed by R Mead from 1890.


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Marsh Farm farmhouse (courtesy of Mr Google).