Marsh Hill Farm

Marsh Hill Farm

A small dairy farm in Yeovil Marsh


Marsh Hill Farm was a small 40-acre dairy farm in Yeovil Marsh. Today it is called Smoke Acre Farm - named after Smoke Acre Orchard (Parcel 1113).

The 1846 Tithe Apportionment recorded that Marsh Hill Farm was owned by Yeovil solicitor William Lambert White and let to James Pope. Pope also farmed the adjoining Pear Tree Farm.

In August 1884, Marsh Hill Farm was sold at auction to a Mr Legg for the sum of £3,750 (around £400,000 at today's value). The new tenant was John Trent - who quit the farm in November 1885, selling off his stock of "6 excellent young cross-bred Dairy Cows, early seasoned in calf; 2 two-year-old Heifers; 9 capital Calves; 1 well-bred Devon Bull; 3 valuable Colts; an excellent collection of modern Agricultural Implements; 20 hogsheads [1,440 gallons or 11,520 pints] of prime new Cider in casks; Reed; the Feed of the farm until 24th December next; and 15 tons of Prime Meadow Hay." John Trent moved to Lower Oakley Farm, Chilthorne Domer, but died there in November 1888, aged 74.

The following tenant farmer was a Mr Mead, followed by John Pearce in the latter part of the 1890s and in to the 1900s. In September 1900, John Pearce "quitting, and retiring from farming" sold off his stock of "30 excellent Shorthorn and Cross-bred Dairy Cows and Heifers, 2 Bulls, Pigs, Poultry" etc.

In October 1900 the notice of let of the farm was published "... all that excellent Grass Farm (in a ring fence), called Marsh Hill Farm... with good Dwelling-house, Dairy-house, Cow-houses, Piggeries, Stables and other necessary Buildings and consisting of about 41 acres of famous Land. The Orchards are stocked with choice table and good cider-bearing Fruit Trees."

During the early 1920s, Marsh Hill Farm was farmed by Mr F R Rendell. He quit the farm and sold off his livestock and farm implements in December 1928. However, the Rendell family were still farming at Marsh Hill Farm, certainly as late as September 1935 when Mrs A Rendell quit the farm and sold the farm's livestock, implements and household furniture.

On the death of the owner, M B Legg-Bagg, Marsh Hill Farm was sold again. The sale particulars described "A Well-placed and Highly-productive Freehold Grass Farm comprising :- The Pleasant House with Cottage adjoining, now occupied as one dwelling, and containing 6 Bedrooms, 2 Sitting-rooms, Kitchen with Range. Large Cool Dairy. Good Water Supply. Store Rooms, &c; together with the Productive Vegetable Garden.

The Agricultural Buildings comprise a recently-erected Cowstall for 13, Stabling and Piggeries with Loft over. Bull's House, and other Useful Premises, and Fertile Pasture and Orchard Lands, with over 1,400 Feet of Frontage to marsh Lane, extending in area to 39a 0r 35p (more or less)."

Marsh Hill Farm is now known as Smoke Acre Farm.


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Map & Aerial Photograph

Today's Smoke Acre Farm, the earlier Marsh Hill Farm, courtesy of Mr Google.


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