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barley mow

Frog Street


I have found only two references to the Barley Mow alehouse. The first is in the Turnpike Commissioners Minutes dated 1754 - "6 October 1754 - Repair of road from the new (Hendford) bridge by the Barley Mow towards the Market Place."

The bridge referred to was that in Hendford that was built over Dodham Brook, as seen on the map at left - the only pre-railway map of the area that I could find is this Tithe Map of the 1830's or 1840's - with the bridge section of the map enlarged below.

The second reference confirms the location of the Barley Mow; a lease dated 28 August 1764 states ".... inheritance of William Rooks’ title for cottage in Frog Street or Addlewell, Yeovil, known as the Barley Mow...."

A lease dated 8 May 1819 refers to a cottage ".... by Addlewell Lane.... previously known as Barley Mow." Presumably the Barley Mow closed as an alehouse prior to this date or else had a name change.


Owners / Licensees


1764      William Rooks "of Yeovil, Glover" - owner (see above)