Broad Marsh

Broad Marsh

Part of Carent's Farm, in Yeovil Marsh


Broad Marsh (Parcel 1140) was a large field that was part of Carent's Farm in Yeovil Marsh.

The 1846 Tithe Apportionment recorded that Broad Marsh was owned by George Bullock and let to William Symes. It was used as pasture for grazing livestock and measured 10a 2r 30p.

Broad Marsh (Parcel 1140) was bounded on the west by Broadmead Lane (the continuation of Marsh Lane), to the north by Orchard (2) (Parcel 1144) and German's Mead (Parcel 1143), to the east by Higher Five Acres (Parcel 1141) and Plot (Parcel 1138) and to the south by Yeovil Marsh village road. 

By the time of the 1919 sale of the six Marsh farms, Broad Marsh was no longer part of Carent's Farm and was sold of as accommodation pasture land measuring 10a 3r 31p. The sale brochure noted "A very choice enclosure of rich accommodation pasture land... It has a frontage of about 160 feet to the village street and a return frontage to Broadmead Lane of about 350 yards."

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