German's Mead

German's Mead

Part of Broadmead Farm, in Yeovil Marsh


German's Mead (Parcel 1143) was a field in Yeovil Marsh that later became a part of Broadmead Farm, the former Donn's Farm. The fore-name German (today's Jermain) was fairly popular in Yeovil during the seventeenth century. A lease dated 1790 recorded "Meads called German's Meads 5 acres in East marsh part of the manor, or reputed manor, of East Marsh."

The 1846 Tithe Apportionment (at least the copy held in the Heritage Centre at Taunton), does not record the details of German's Mead (Parcel 1143). However, an alternative source recorded that it measured 5a 0r 9p.

German's Mead (Parcel 1143) was bounded on the north by Seven Acres (Parcel 1146), to the east by Lower Five Acres (Parcel 1142), to the south by Broad Marsh (Parcel 1140) and Higher Five Acres (Parcel 1141) and to the west by Orchard (2) (Parcel 1144).

By the time of the 1919 sale of the six Marsh farms, German's Mead (Parcel 1143) had been added to Broadmead Farm (the former Donn's Farm). At this time German's Mead was recorded as arable for growing crops  and was recorded as 4a 3r 33p.

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