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 Gathered information for individuals prior to 1837


I   To search for a name, press the <CTRL> and <F> keys on your keyboard at the same time, then type the name you are searching for. Note that a name may be spelt different ways!

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  • When searching remember that spellings were somewhat cavalier compared with today, so always try alternative spellings - for example 'DIX' and 'DICKS', etc.

  • If in doubt, search on part of the name. For example a search for 'LEVER' will find entries for LEVERIDGE, LEVEREDGE, LEVERAGE, etc.


Surname Forename(s) Year Notes Reference
Inker George 1814 Laborer Indenture
Irish John 1760 Borough - 1d Poor Rate Return (Monthly)
Ironsides 1766 Painter / Decorator Churchwardens' Accounts
Isaac Josiah 1767 Silversmith Deed
Isaac Mr 1760 Kingston - 1½d  Poor Rate Return (Monthly)


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