wolverton terrace

wolverton terrace

Named for the Liberal Peer, Lord Wolverton


Wolverton Terrace is a small terrace of nine houses, built as speculative housing on a greenfield site at the northern end of Kiddles Lane (today's Eastland Road) some time very shortly before 1886.

It was named after Lord Wolverton, seen at left, who inaugurated the Western Chronicle, a weekly newspaper started in Liberal interests in Yeovil on 21 May 1886.

George Grenfell Glyn, 2nd Baron Wolverton (1824-1887) was a Liberal politician and MP for Shaftesbury from 1857 until 1873 when he succeeded to the House of Lords. He held office in three of the Liberal administrations of William Ewart Gladstone.




This map (stitched together from pretty poor copies - apologies) is the 1886 Ordnance Survey of New Town. Wolverton Terrace lies at very top centre.


Map based on the 1901 Ordnance Survey showing the different speculative housing projects built in the early days of New Town.

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Wolverton Terrace, Eastland Road, seen from the north. None of the houses now appears as originally built - red brick with Ham stone heads to windows and doors under a Welsh slate roof. Photographed in 2014.


Wolverton Terrace, Eastland Road, seen from the south. Photographed in 2014.