Four Acre Mead (1)

Four Acre Mead (1)

Part of Donn's Farm, later Broadmead Farm, in Yeovil Marsh


Four Acre Mead (1) (Parcel 1150) was a part of Donn's Farm, later called Broadmead Farm, in Yeovil Marsh.

The 1846 Tithe Apportionment recorded that Four Acre Mead (1) was owned by Robert Donn of Stoke sub Hamdon and the tenant was Thomas Dauncey. It was recorded as meadow for growing hay and measured 3a 3r 12p. The disparity between size and name is probably due to the use of 'Statute' measurements in the Apportionment which were actually smaller than the earlier local 'Customary' measurements.

Four Acre Mead (1) (Parcel 1150) was bounded on the west by the access track to Donn's Farm (the continuation of Marsh Lane), on the north by Ashe's Mead (Parcel 1151), to the east by Bare Legs (Parcel 1149) and to the south by Three Acre Mead (Parcel 1145).

At the time of the 1919 sale of the six Marsh farms, Donn's Farm had been renamed Broadmead Farm. At this time Four Acre Mead had been combined with Ashe's Mead (Parcel 1151) and was now used as pasture for grazing livestock. The new combined field of Four Acre Mead and Ashe's Mead was recorded as 6a 0r 19p.

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