A field of Pear Tree Farm in Yeovil Marsh


Mead (Parcel 1133), was a large field of Pear Tree Farm in Yeovil Marsh.

The 1846 Tithe Apportionment recorded that Mead was owned by Reverend John Jenkins Mathews and let to James Pope. Mathews owned several more parcels in the area and Pope farmed them all. Mead was recorded as pasture for grazing livestock and measured 12a 3r 2p.

George Abbott (1816-1858) was recorded in the 1851 census as the tenant farmer. He died in 1858, and in 1861 his widow Mary Ann was recorded as the "farmeress" of Pear Tree Farm.

Pear Tree Farm, including Mead, was sold in 1889 to Mr T Moore, of Yeovil, the son of Yeovil solicitor Thomas Moore. The tenant at this time was George Cole. However, in January 1893 he retired. The following tenant was J Rowsell and his wife Martha. In 1908 the tenant farmer was a Mr Mead.

Mead (Parcel 1133) was bounded on the east by the parish of Preston Plucknett (detached), to the south by Higher Pear Tree Close (Parcel 1132), to the west by Pear Tree Plot (Parcel 1130) and to the north it was bounded by Pear Tree Close (Parcel 1134).


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